EBB Correspondence

Annotated Guide to EBB’s Comments and Criticism:

Julia Swan, Marjorie Stone & Ryan van Huijstee

Selected Topics

Selection Rationale and Scope

EBB’s widely cited writings as a literary critic and commentator on political and cultural events are mainly found in her voluminous correspondence between 1810 and 1861. read more...

Acknowledgements and Attribution

This guide was funded by portions of two Standard Research Grants held by Marjorie Stone. Julia Swan, during her doctoral program, did the bulk of the work in the first phase, incorporating and annotating material from EBB’s Diary, volumes 1-13 of BC, LMRM and LEBB; in the process, she helped to refine selected topic categories. Ryan van Huijstee, during his MA program, updated the annotated guide by incorporating and annotating material from volume 14 of The Brownings’ Correspondence, and editions of the letters to EBB’s two sisters Arabella and Henrietta and to Eliza Ogilvy. Lesley Newhook, during her doctoral program, revised some Aurora Leigh entries.