Many of EBB’s working manuscripts and manuscript notes on her reading have survived, though fragmented and dispersed into public and private collections at the 1913 Sotheby auction of the Brownings’ personal effects. These include a large body of juvenilia and drafts published for the first time in 2010 in WEBB, vol. 5.  Periodically, new manuscripts turn up at auctions, like the earliest known draft of Sonnet V of Sonnets from the Portuguese, in a catalogued but long unlocated manuscript notebook, purchased by the Armstrong Browning Library in 2010.

Manuscript Images

  • Aurora Leigh

Aurora Leigh manuscript

Aurora Leigh
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Guide to the Brownings’ Manuscripts

“The Browning Collections,” the guide hosted by the Armstrong Browning Library, ,  maintained by Philip Kelley and Rita Patteson, provides an updated, version of the catalogue published by Philip Kelley and Betty A. Coley in 1984: The Browning Collections: A Reconstruction (R)[link to following item under “Abbreviations” bibliography:Kelley, Philip and Betty A. Coley, The Browning Collections: A Reconstruction with Other Memorabilia. The Library, First Works, Presentation Volumes, Manuscripts, Likenesses, Works of Art, Household and Personal Effects, and Other Association Items of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Winfield, KS: Armstrong Browning Library of Baylor University, The Browning Institute, Mansell Publishing, Wedgestone Press, 1984)].