EBB Correspondence

Selection Rationale and Scope:

EBB’s widely cited writings as a literary critic and commentator on political and cultural events are mainly found in her voluminous correspondence between 1810 and 1861.  This annotated guide is primarily meant as a finding guide for criticism and comments on her own poetry, poetics, other 19th-c authors, currently dispersed through multiple editions and volumes of her letters and her 1831-2 Diary. Selected recurrent or historically significant topics are also included, some more comprehensively indexed than others; for more comprehensive although not annotated indexes, see the indexes in the various editions listed under the Abbreviations and Annnotated Bibliography of Correspondence .  [Move next to headnote under EBB’s comments on her works, or reprint there] For EBB’s many comments on literature and writing before 1800, see the indexes to these editions, plus her essay “The Book of the Poets,” an extended essay on English literary history under the guise of a review, and her essay, “Some Account of the “Greek Christian Poets,” both originally published in the Athenaeum in 1842 and reprinted in WEBB, vol. 4, ed. Sandra Donaldson, pp. 443-560, pp. 347-442 For additional comments by EBB between 1824-26 on a range of writers and works see her 1824-26 Notebook , now in the English Poetry Collection at Wellesley College Library[link to journal under “Manuscripts]