Aurora Leigh: Overview of Reception and Contemporary Criticism

Marjorie Stone

About Aurora Leigh: A Capsule Introduction

About This Overview: This overview of criticism on Aurora Leigh from the Victorian period up to the 21st century is a companion essay supplementing the “Critical Introduction” to Aurora Leigh by the same author in Volume 3, pp. vii-xxvii, of the The Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, hereafter WEBB; General Editor, Sandra Donaldson; Volume Editors, Sandra Donaldson, Rita Patteson, Marjorie Stone & Beverly Taylor, 5 volumes (London: Pickering and Chatto Press, 2010). For treatment of the genesis, composition, philosophy, poetics and Victorian cultural and social contexts of Aurora Leigh, see the “Critical Introduction” in WEBB, vol. 3. See also List of Abbreviations for Primary Sources Cited and Reviews of Aurora Leigh.

        Criticism on Aurora Leigh: An Overview (pdf) by Marjorie Stone